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150+ Classes/Activities~$5000 Raised600+ Care Cards

Mission Statement

Making STEM Accessible for All To Proctor Future Scientists


To achieve a world in which everyone strives to use science to better the environment


A two pronged approach to combat climate change by – creating general awareness and STEM education of the next generation. Gro-STEMs sustains its STEM classes through the sale of succulent favors in a hope to increase attention towards more environmentally sustainable lifestyles.

Our Current Endeavors

Why Succulents?

Check out how our story began and learn about the environmental benefits of growing succulents.

COVID-19 Update

Gro-STEMs recognizes the severity of the crisis and hopes to serve the impoverished who are disproportionately affected. Donate to our GoFundMe to provide supplies to local homeless shelters and receive a free succulent favor. As for our succulents, please pre-order them, so we can send them to you immediately.


Succulent Favors

Do you have a party or just want to spruce up your home? Our succulent favors are both beautiful and support a good cause.


Do you own an old container or a piece of land? Gro-STEMs can transform it with the help of our succulents.

Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics

New Stem Classes

Come check out our latest Biology STEM classes. Currently our focus is on bioinformatics.

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Meet the Team

Learn more about us and our interests. Thank you for visiting Gro-STEMs.


Check out all those who helped Gro-STEMs to where it is today.

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