Meet the Team

Hi, I am Adarsh Ambati. I am the founder and president of Gro-STEMs and am a high school student from San Jose, California. Through Gro-STEMs, I hope to combine my interests in protecting the environment and social policy to help better my community. My interest in the environment originated from participating in science fairs and conducting projects in Biology and Computer Science. Furthermore, I am passionate about volunteering in science-related activities, which sparked my interest in social policy. I am also a member of a local community DIY lab, and my volunteering activities include teaching wet lab classes like PCR, Gel Electrophoresis to middle and high school students.  I also enjoy taking photographs of nature.

Hi, I’m Alex Ali. I am currently a high school student in San Jose, California. I hope that I’m able to use the opportunity which Gro-STEMs has provided me with to educate others on the historical buildup to the issue of climate change as well as the many threats that it poses today. I have always had a vested interest in politics but only recently began focusing on the environment after I participated in my local climate strike. I am a member of the advocacy program and the Green Team at my high school. In my spare time, I compete in speech and debate and play table tennis.

Hi, I’m Dustin Nguyen. I am a Teaching Coordinator and am currently a high school student in San Jose, California. With Gro-Stems, I hope to educate others on the impact science can have on our community. My interest in the topic of science and its practicality stems from my participation and experience in my biology and chemistry classes. I am currently a Teacher’s Assistant at my school involved with testing and preparing labs for various science classes. I am also a member of the math team and computer science clubs at my school.

Hello, I am Anuttam Ramji, and I am a Teaching Coordinator at Gro-Stems. I was inspired to join the company because it combined my passion for both science, entrepreneurship, and their combined application in the real-world field. This interest fostered a care in me for the world around me, and pushed me to fight for it. I already participated in activities with similar scientific pursuits, including after-school lab sessions and robotics, so joining the company was only the next logical choice. For these reasons, I am proud to say I am a member of Gro-Stems.

Hello. I’m Veer Doshi, a Teaching Coordinator at Gro-STEMS. I am a high school student from San Jose, California, with strong interest in the correlation between technology and its real-world applications. This strong interest has driven me to regularly participate in science and entrepreneurship competitions, partake in computer science and robotics organizations at my school, and follow personal endeavors to publish environment-driven iOS applications. Joining Gro-STEMS as a teaching coordinator has enabled me to continue following my interests with the goal of positively impacting my community.

Hi, my name is Roman Pati, and I am a Teaching Coordinator at Gro-STEMS. I have always been interested in environmental justice, and this passion was fueled by my experience in advocacy and my work in the life sciences. Outside the classroom, I chose to become involved in an online research program regarding microbiology due to my love of science. In addition to researching biology, I also enjoy playing the piano at festivals and competitions, and I also produce my own music. I hope to make the most of this opportunity at Gro-Stems, and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for this organization.

Hi, I’m Luke Zhang. I am a Teaching Coordinator at Gro-STEMs and a current high school student in San Jose, California. I hope to share my passion for biology and technology with others in my community. Currently, I am a part of the Environmental Justice division of my school’s advocacy program, but my passion extends outside of school as well. My interest in STEM, and more specifically biotechnology, has led me to attend summer programs at UChicago and COSMOS, where my passion and knowledge has grown even more. Developments in biology and technology have grown immensely in the past few decades and will continue to grow in importance in the upcoming years. It is an honor to be a part of Gro-Stems and to help others find their own passions in these subjects.

Hello! My name is Abhay Kopardekar and I am a Teaching Coordinator at Gro-STEMS. I am really passionate about biology, specifically human biology and really enjoy mentoring/ working with younger kids. My passion for biology has fueled me to intern at NASA’s fatigue countermeasures lab since freshman year, participate in Science competitions, and pursue my interest through college courses. My passion for working with younger kids has led me to participate in tutoring organizations and also serve as a basketball coach for the elementary YMCA basketball league and private basketball tutor. At school I also enjoy public speaking and am part of the speech and debate team. I am very excited for this opportunity at Gro Stems and am looking forward to working with the youth community and helping them develop their passions in STEM. 

Hello, my name is Kyle Woo, and I am a Teaching Coordinator at Gro-STEMS. Currently, I am a high school student in San Jose, California. I have strong passions in technology and science which have empowered my experience of advocacy through such fields. My interests in STEM prompted me to explore UCSB’s Research Mentorship Program, computer science, and technology programs. I wish to make a great impact on Gro-STEMS by pursuing my interests in STEM to help others. 

Hi, my name is Rahul Ramarao and I am a Teaching Coordinator at Gro-STEMS and currently a high school student in San Jose, California. My interest in mankind’s effect on the environment coupled with my drive to teach the younger generation of the role we play in protecting the environment. My passion isn’t just confined to environmental justice since I have also participated in several STEM summer programs focusing on bioinformatics at both Rosetta Institute and Rutgers University which has allowed me to gain a better understanding of the advancements we made in analyzing biological data. Gro-STEMS gives me the opportunity to fulfill my passions and further my knowledge in the STEM field while helping others accomplish their goals.