Why Succulents?

It all started when I was working at the local homeless shelter teaching small science experiments. One day, a lady who I had taught came up to me and gave me my first ever succulent. She said that she was moving out of the facility and was going to take the information that she had learned to teach her kids back home.

I was moved, so I decided to take good care of the succulent even though I had a bad history with gardening. To my surprise (and my mother’s), it had survived. I now am an avid succulent gardener, as it is the only plant that I cannot seem to kill.

Succulents also have a low environmental impact, needing 90% less water. They also survive much longer, so need minimal intervention. Lastly, They symbolize Endurance and Longevity.

So buy your succulent favor today and help support STEM classes for the underprivileged and Environmental Advocacy.